Ligament Reconstruction

Post-operative xray. The tendon graft has been tunnelled through the knee and held in place with two screws.

All forms of ligament reconstruction are performed under general anaesthetic. Normally patients stay in hospital overnight and go home the day after surgery.

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is the commonest ligament requiring reconstruction. The ruptured ligament is removed arthroscopically and replaced by a graft harvested from a portion of the patella tendon found at the front of  the knee. The graft is tunnelled into the knee joint and held in place with two screws. Post-operatively the physiotherapists provide a rehabilitation programme directed at building up muscle strength and increasing mobility. Activities of daily living should return to normal within 6 weeks and light training can start at that stage. Return to sport depends on the individual patient. Contact sport should be avoided for approximately six months.

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